Pet Bemer

Physical Vascular Therapy For Pets

What is Bemer?

BEMER micro-vascular therapy is a one of a kind, patented and FDA approved medical device which encourages repair and healing and supports the body’s immune function by significantly enhancing the amount of oxygen and nutrients delivered to the cell. NASA space agency was so impressed with BEMER science that they signed a partnership agreement with BEMER to investigate methods of incorporating BEMER technology into the undergarments of space suits in order neutralize the negative effects of no gravity on their astronauts.

How does it work?
The BEMER device is a simple mat that is placed on the floor and your dog lays on it for about 8-16 minutes.  The mat has coils that create an electromagnetic field that improves the microcirculation and blood flow.  There is also a band with increased intensity that can be applied to a specific problem area your dog may have after they become acclimated to the mat.  Dogs are encouraged with petting and gentle praise to lay on the mat, but they are not forced to stay. The majority of dogs settle into the mat within minutes and fall asleep or rest quietly for the duration of the application. 

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