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Love to Shop?

Make a living by doing what you love to do!

What if there was a way to monetize your social media following as well as leverage other people's social media following by shopping and sharing it with your friends. Would you be interested in learning more?

A new innovative platform with a unique affiliate program never seen before will compete with amazon and allow people to monetize their own purchases. The platform is currently in pre-launch. Get positioned today!

For those of us that understand business and the power of leverage you can capitalize on multiple streams of income. This platform will change the verbiage as well as the process of online entrepreneurship forever!!! If you haven’t heard of butterfly or crowd marketing then you should take a look. The Platform will be free for people to use, share & EARN from. It will pay out multiple generations with a truly innovative affiliate program.  It’s absolutely free at this time to get yourself positioned for this ground breaking platform which is scheduled to launch early Q2 2021.

If you’re a social media influencer, marketing specialist or an affiliate marketer you’ll want to take a look at this. The platform doesn’t require a sign up. Once you purchase an item from the platform, you’ll automatically get a shareable link which will be tied to you. You can then share on social media and when people use your link to purchase, you will receive a commission (50% of available commission). Your friends will also receive a sharable link which they can in turn share with their friends. When they have a sale, they would get 50% of the available commission and you would get 50% of the available commission left. This process repeats until it get down to a penny. That is only one of many ways to get paid.  Example of general pay illustrated below.

Hypothetical Example: Assuming consumable item selling for $24.95; Paying out a $5 commission thru the platform. You reach 5 people who reach 5 and so on. Pays out 8 Waves. There is also the opportunity to earn another $2,500 minimum if not more on this same activity for a grand total of $10,627


1.  Platform has over 20 patents

2.  Company is operating in 70+ Countries including China

3.  Platform will be free for to use, share and earn from

4.    Platform will be an alternative to Amazon with many more features and BENEFIT

5.    Monetize social media following as well as leverage the following of others

6.    Name Brand products as well as unique niche products will be on the platform

7.    Any company with API integration can feature their products and services for free

8.    It will be a wealth creation vehicle with no risk

9.    Participate in multiple streams of income on the same activity and take advantage of compounding and exponential growth

10.  Pre-Launch positioning could be a massive opportunity for those early adopters

11.  Endless possibilities to collaborate

12.  Launch is  Q2 2021

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