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Food Sensitivity Scan

Zyto Scan Results
Organ Bio markers

Foods can irritate your body and impact the balance toward irritation and inflammation OR foods that bring your body into balance for overall wellness.   Our Wellness Food Biosurvey scans over 450 foods producing a digital signature of food stressors unique to your body.

Scan food as Balancers

The Foods for Wellness Biosurvey scans foods as balancers. This fits with the philosophy of the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, who said, “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.”


By scanning food signatures as balancers, you can observe what foods are most preferable simply by looking at their dR value. The higher the positive value, the more biologically coherent your body is with that food item. When we look at food in this way, our attitude towards our diet tends to become more positive as opposed to focusing on what we can’t eat.

Scan for more than 450 foods

The Foods for Wellness Biosurvey scans for more than 450 food Virtual Items in key categories. The range of foods across these categories creates more opportunities for increasing diversity in your diet:


Beans and Legumes
Dairy & Eggs
Fats & Oils
Fish & Seafood
Meats & Poultry
Miscellaneous Foods
Nuts & Seeds
Spices & Seasonings
Sugars and Sweeteners


Scan for food stressors

In addition to scanning for a variety of balancer Virtual Items, the Foods for Wellness Biosurvey also scans for stressor digital signatures. These categories include things like food additives, herbicides, GMO foods, pesticides, and endocrine disruptors.


Scanning for foods as stressors allows you to observe areas you may want to pay attention to, whether it’s what is being added to the foods you are eating, or the sources from which you are getting your food.

Filter out foods based on diet

Another benefit of this improved food scan is that you can filter out foods based on diet. For example, if you are on a vegetarian diet, you can filter out foods that are not vegetarian. These food Virtual Items will still be scanned, but they won’t show up in the main report.


The ability to filter out these food categories makes reading and understanding the reports much easier. You’ll no longer have to mentally filter out foods you can’t eat when going through the report.

Get key insights from robust reports

The Foods for Wellness scan includes 10 reports that can reveal key insights in regards to an individual’s lifestyle and nutrition. The main report not only includes your top 30 foods, but also breaks your responses down by category, followed by a list of your top non-coherent food items.


Other reports display responses to your stressors by category, as well as responses to specific stressors within each category if they were selected to scan.

Use as a shopping list

Another great thing about the Foods for Wellness Biosurvey reports is that they can be used as a shopping list. For example, you can take your top food, or top few foods, from each category and incorporate them into your diet. You can also just shop for and incorporate your top foods from the Top 30 list. Additionally, you can refer to your least coherent items as foods you may want to avoid when shopping.

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