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About Essential Nutrition

My Story


I am a registered, licensed dietitian and nutritionist, with a special focus in holistic and functional medicine. 


I graduated from Bowling Green State University in Ohio and received a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics. 

I worked at MacNeal Hospital in Berwyn, Illinois for four years and focused on counseling patients regarding cancer, orthopedics, cardiac, diabetes, psychiatric, and also specialized with intensive care patients.  I then worked at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago for ten years and worked with Neonatal ICU, Neuro/Spine and Medical ICU, oncology, cardiac, and many other types of patients.


My family and I have had experience personally with food sensitivities and sensory issues, as well as allergies and toxicities which lead me down a journey to help myself and my family.

Having extensive experience with cutting edge hospitals and my personal journey, I started Essential Nutrition, Inc. with the goal of educating clients to understand core principles of nutrition and inflammation.   My intent is to enable the body to function and to thrive as it is naturally intended.


Anti-Inflammatory Solutions

Healthy Weight Management

Food Sensitivities

Children/Teen Behavioral & Sensory Issues

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